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Walking Canes With Attitude

by Stella Robinson

People using a walking cane due to disability, injury or age may feel that the cane could make them a target for opportunistic criminals, who see them as an easy target.  Read on to find out how to turn your perceived weakness into a hidden strength.


Cane-Fu is a particular style of martial arts that is being taught to senior citizens nationwide.  It is touted for not only making people safer by teaching them to defend themselves, but also helping them to live healthier lives through exercise.  The fun of Cane-Fu isn't just the training though, it's the extraordinary range of canes available with self-defense in mind.  You see, an ordinary cane purchased at your local drug store will not suffice.  There are canes with heavy lead balls for the handle that act like a mini-mace club.  You can find canes with especially-designed ridges that will render an attacker breathless when struck in the throat.  Cane-Fu requires a cane made with materials that will withstand the impact of striking an attacker.  After all, you can't very well knock out a mugger and walk home without your cane because half of it if lodged in the perpetrators scalp.  It's not just a matter of stronger materials.  Cane-Fu canes are also thinner and more streamlined to maximize swing speed.  But Cane-Fu, while effective, is nothing compared to other cane options available.

Pepper Spray Cane

If using Cane-Fu allows the attacker to get too close for your taste, consider a cane loaded with pepper spray.  Commonly boasting a range of 8-10 feet, you can blast an attacker with a face full of deterrent before they get close enough to do you harm.  Some canes allow users to spray from the handle or the tip end, thus doubling the protection potential.  Check your local laws regarding pepper spray usage before any vigilantism.

Knife/Sword Cane

Yes, canes that release sharp blades from their tip exist outside of action films.  In fact, there are two styles.  One style is fitted on the end with a sheath of sorts.  The user must reach and remove the sheath by hand in order to use the blade.  The other style, much more Bond-ish, releases in a switch-blade like fashion, with the pull of a trigger.

Gun Canes

While on the topic of triggers, you of course will want to review the canes that double as a firearm.  Apparently not just for wild west gamblers anymore, the gun cane can be purchased in multiple calibers.  Usually requiring special licensing, cane guns are available from several manufacturers online.

Starting with Cane-Fu and escalating to much more drastic forms of defense, walking canes truly take personal protection for people of age, injury or disability to the next level. Contact a local cane provider, such as Pro-Med Equipment & Supply, to see if they offer any of these cane options.