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3 Activities That Help Seniors Stay Positive

by Stella Robinson

One important part of being a caregiver for seniors is ensuring that they receive the best physical care possible, but also take part in activities that help them nurture their minds and remain mentally positive. A positive attitude is essential to staying healthy. In order to help encourage a positive attitude in your seniors, you should include activities that require interaction and encourage communication and resourceful thinking. Here are three example activities that are ideal for seniors in home health care systems or at senior centers like ComForcare Home Care - Slidell, LA:

Listening to Audiobooks

Television is often a part of most senior activities, but audiobooks require just as much preparation time/supervision yet require a heightened listening skill set that can help your seniors stay alert and focused throughout their day. The key to including audiobooks in adult care is to ensure that the book is listened to during a scheduled time each day/week. Don't overstimulate your seniors with too much listening time. Keep this listening period as something special yet something routine. They'll soon look forward to it and request their favorite books and genres.

Playing Board Games

Board games are another great activity to keep your seniors focused and positive on a normally-dull day. They can either play in groups or you can join them. Oftentimes, seniors will need supervision when playing board games, but remember that it's not necessary to perfectly follow each of the rules. The fact that they're enjoying themselves is what matters. Choose simple-to-understand board games that emphasize team play. Card games are also a good idea, especially when they involve teams of multiple players.


Another enjoyable, low-impact senior activity is gardening. Seniors often enjoy gardening, even if it's just helping transplant seedlings into pots. Let them do whatever they feel up to helping with, and let them be involved in the planning process. Have them help choose seeds, plants, and planting locations. Herb gardens, flower gardens, and vegetable gardens all work wonderfully for this activity, and you can help spruce up your home/care center in the process.

Whether you're a caregiver for a senior who's at home or a group of seniors at a senior center, you can easily think of a few activities to help keep your seniors active, thoughtful, positive, and immersed in their daily routine. All it takes is a little creativity. Suggest a few activities like those above and you're sure to make a few friends-- and encourage a few smiles-- in the process.