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What Products You Should Consider To Improve The Home Care Experience

by Stella Robinson

Home care is about comfort, rehabilitation and a good standard of living, all of which can be difficult if you don't have the right home care products. There are a wide variety of products designed specifically for physical rehabilitation, elderly individuals and other people who need medical support at home. Here are some products you should consider to help you with exercise, safety and improved care while you recover at home.

Home care Exercise Equipment

Ideally, home care is about recovery. For many people, staying in shape while they receive home care not only contributes to better medical outcomes, but it can also improve their outlook and contribute to a quicker recovery.

There are many types of exercise devices that are safe for seniors and those who need home care rehabilitation to use. Think about a recumbent stationary bike. This type of bike that allows a user to cycle while they lay on the ground, which can support posture for those suffering from arthritis or other painful ailments. At the same time, ensure any stationary bike you purchase has cushioned seats to support balance and decrease the chance of falling.

For those who want to do free weights while undergoing home care, it's often still possible if done properly. Think about using free weights with a rubberized grip to decrease slippage, and weights that are non-adjustable. Often with adjustable weights, seniors and those with arthritis can drop or lose control of the weights when adding or adjusting the weight level of their free weight.

Ultimately, you want to choose exercise equipment that is designed with safety in mind. At the same time, you should stick to low-impact devices that don't put too much stress on a body that needs to recover.

Adjustable Medical Mattress

Many people who require home care may have difficulty moving themselves, and require the help of a nurse to shift their position while they lie in bed. The danger is that long periods of immobility in bed present a risk of bed sores developing, and having a nurse or family members on-call to shift you or a loved one could present substantial difficulties.

Adjustable medical beds are designed to shift the body periodically into new positions in order to keep muscles from growing stiff, to stop cramps from forming, and to put a halt to bed sores before they have a chance to develop. While all of these beds come with controls to help you or a loved one shift their position themselves, newer models also have pre-automated functions you can program to keep a body moving without further input from a user.

GPS Tracking Devices

Seniors have difficulty with their mental awareness and memory, often due to dementia or Alzheimer's. Unfortunately, there is a real risk that they wander away from their home, meaning home care can be difficult. Thankfully, new GPS devices can be given to a senior, either as a necklace or secure bracelet, to ensure that the proper health or emergency authorities are alerted anytime a senior leaves a designated area. This sort of device can ultimately prevent accidents and create a safer environment for home care.

New home care products are being released all the time, which should only improve the home care experience. Speak with your doctor or a healthcare provider such as ComForcare Home Care - Tigard, OR about what equipment is appropriate for you or your loved one, and you'll find home care is more manageable than ever.