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2 Cosmetic Dermatology Options For Acne-Prone Skin

by Stella Robinson

While it is true that beauty is only skin deep and that true beauty resides within, having serious skin issues can bring a lot of psychological distress and can affect every aspect of your life. Acne, a common condition that affects both adults and teenagers, can be severe enough to leave deep, pocked scars, permanent red welts and can cause lasting embarrassment and psychological pain. For those who have tried every over-the-counter remedy and have failed repeatedly to get their acne under control, a dermatologist is the answer. Not only can they prescribe topical and internal medications that can help treat and prevent acne, they can also offer cosmetic dermatology procedures that can greatly improve the overall appearance of your skin. Here are two of the best cosmetic treatments they may be able to offer.


Microdermabrasion uses small crystals that are forcefully expelled against the top layer of your skin, then a special vacuum wand removes the spent crystals and dead skin. Microdermabrasion is fantastic for current acne problems and old acne scars alike.

It can, over time, reduce the appearance of scars, reduce and tighten pore size, smooth pits and fine lines, and can even out the entire surface of your face. Microdermabrasion can also help treat current acne problems, as the crystals and vacuum system will lift out the debris and oils from your skin and prevent more acne from forming. Not only will this treatment help with acne, but it can actually cause your face to look younger and fuller, as the treatment stimulates your own natural collagen production.

Laser Resurfacing

Similar in scope to microdermabrasion, this procedure uses laser instead of crystals and a vacuum to treat existing acne and remove old acne scars.

This process is thought to be very effective because the dermatologist is able to direct the laser beam exactly on the problem area for a concentrated approach. Essentially, this process removes the epidermis and by heating the layer of skin beneath that as well, the laser promotes faster healing.

The laser doesn't require much, if any, downtime and can help remove discolorations, birthmarks, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and other skin issues.

Make an appointment with a board certified cosmetic dermatologist (such as one from Advanced Dermatology Care) and discuss your options for acne treatment and prevention. A consultation will give you the chance to ask questions about your condition and the best treatment for your budget, skin issues and expectations.