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Why Is There Pain Behind Your Eye?

by Stella Robinson

If you have been experiencing pain behind your eye, it could be due to a variety of different conditions. These causes could range from headaches to needing new eyeglasses. Here are some of the common reasons why you might have pain behind your eyes:

Issues With Vision

A very common reason to have pain behind your eyes is experiencing vision problems. If you haven't seen your optometrist in a while, now is the time to schedule a visit. You may have a hard time focusing on words in a book, though you wouldn't realize it.

If your eyes can't focus, they are working extra hard to see the letters and words. This can cause a headache and pain behind the eyes. You might also have astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness, all of which can cause pain when you don't wear corrective eyewear.

Sinus Problems

Having sinus problems, such as sinusitis or other sinus-related infections, can also cause pain around and behind your eye. 

This is a type of infection of your sinus cavity that can be very painful. The sinus cavity is close to the bone that houses your eyeball, which is why pain behind your eye is one of the side effects of the condition. This pressure can also lead to some painful headaches.

If you have the traditional symptoms of sinus problems, such as coughing and sneezing, plus facial pain in the area near your eyes, you probably have sinusitis.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Do you frequently suffer from dry eyes where you feel like you are constantly adding lubricating eye drops? If so, you might have a condition called dry eye syndrome. This can cause not only dryness of your eyes, but pain behind your eye due to lack of moisture. You may also have other side effects that accompany dry eye syndrome, including sensitivity to light, general headaches, and redness of the eyes. Ask your optometrist for prescription eye drops and get additional treatment if the problem continues.


The pain behind your eye might not actually be due to an eye condition but from migraines. If you have head pain that goes beyond traditional headaches and is accompanied by a throbbing pain and sensitivity to light and sounds, you might be suffering from migraines. These are extremely painful and debilitating, and can often cause a lot of pain behind your eyes. Migraines usually have a trigger, such as flashing lights, certain foods, stress, or smells, so finding out your trigger is the best thing you can do. Ask your doctor about pain relief medications for migraines.

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