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Gender Specific Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatments: What You Should Know

by Stella Robinson

When you are trying to choose between different drug and alcohol treatment centers, there are numerous different options available to you. However, one of the primary decisions you will need to make is to determine whether or not you want an addiction treatment program that is specific to your gender, or one that is co-ed in nature. There are many benefits to treatment programs based upon gender that you should know about before you make your final addiction treatment decision. Get to know some of these benefits and choose your treatment program so that you can begin the addiction treatment process as soon as possible. 

Men and Women React Differently to Addiction

Men and women have bodies that react very differently to certain stimuli, including drugs and alcohol. This is primarily a biological difference based on internal body chemistry as well as the types of hormones released by male and female bodies.

The biological difference can be seen in situations in which women typically become intoxicated after consuming less alcohol than men. When men and women develop substance abuse problems and addictions, their bodies (particularly their brains) continue to react differently. As such, the detox process can be quite different between the sexes. 

Having a treatment program that is specific to your gender will ensure that your physical symptoms are well understood and recognized by both treatment providers and all of your peers who are going through the same thing.

Women and Men Sometimes Have Different Mental and Emotional Needs

While not every man or woman fits the mold for how most men and women react to addiction and recovery, there can be some significant differences in men and women in recovery. Women may be more focused, for example, on recovering for the benefit of the other people in their lives.

They are often concerned with caring for their children and families as their top priority, or one of their top priorities. They may also be pregnant or have lost a baby due to drug or alcohol abuse. These are uniquely female experiences that male addicts cannot fully relate to. As such, in a co-ed program, a woman with an addiction may be hesitant to bring up such gender specific issues.

And, of course, women in particular, are more likely to experience some kind of trauma that relates to their addiction (either as a cause or result). These issues may include domestic violence, sexual assault, or sexual exploitation, among others. Oftentimes, these are at the hands of men rather than other women. This can lead to a general mistrust of men and an inability to successfully complete recovery and treatment if male authority figures or peers are present.

Now that you know a few of the ways that gender specific addiction treatments may be useful to you, you can decide if you would prefer a co-ed treatment program or one that is specific to your gender.  Contact a local treatment center, like Triumph Treatment Services, for more help.