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5 Tips For Managing Eczema

by Stella Robinson

Eczema does not just look unattractive; it can also be itchy and painful. If you were just diagnosed with this skin condition, you may wonder how you will manage it. Although there is no no cure for eczema yet, you can still live a very normal life. Here are five helpful tips for managing eczema:

1. Manage Extreme Temperatures in Your House

When you have eczema, you have to worry about extreme changes in weather even more. When the temperatures become too hot or too cold, you are more likely to experience a flare up. While it is not possible to change outdoor weather patterns, you can keep the inside of your house pleasant. For example, when it gets too hot and humid, make sure to turn your air conditioning on. When it is cold, use a humidifier to protect your skin from drying out.

2. Watch Out for Stress

Because stress can aggravate your eczema, you have to learn how to manage your anxiety the right way. When you feel stressed, you should do a relaxing activity, such as taking a brisk stroll around the neighborhood or meditating.

3. Use the Right Moisturizer

If you suffer from eczema, it is even more important to moisturize your skin on a daily basis. However, you can't just use any moisturizer. Scented moisturizers, for example, can really irritate your sensitive skin. Always use a a plain ointment or cream that does not contain fragrances or other chemicals. It is best to apply your moisturizer right after you take a shower or bath.

4. Stop Scratching

One of the worst parts about having eczema is the itchy skin. However, do not get tempted to scratch your skin. Doing so can irritate your skin and even increase your risk of infection. When your skin itches, try using a cold compress.

5. Try Not to Sweat

Sweating is not good for people with eczema and can increase the risk of flare ups. That is why you should try to sweat as little as possible. For instance, make sure to take a shower immediately after you get done exercising.

If you follow these helpful tips, living with eczema will be a lot simpler. However, if you still can't get control of the flare ups, you should make an appointment to see a dermatology clinic as soon as possible. He or she can prescribe a medication to help manage your eczema more effectively.