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Got Ink And Don't Want It? How To Get Rid Of Your Tattoo

by Stella Robinson

If you decided one day on a whim that you wanted a tattoo but now regret that you did it, you can get rid of it. The ink used for tattoos is meant to be permanent, so how successful the tattoo removal is depends on your skin type and the pigments that were used in the ink. The age of the tattoo is also a factor, as the ink is likely deeper into your skin if you have had your tattoo for some time. The best way to remove a tattoo is to see a cosmetic surgeon. Below is one way the cosmetic surgeon can get the ink off of you.

Q-switched Lasers

Q-switched lasers are used by many cosmetic surgeons today. With this technique, a beam of light searches for contrasts between the ink and the skin tone. When it finds the contrasts, the laser pulses directly on them. This will break down the ink into tiny particles that your body will absorb.

You may only need one treatment if you have a small, light-colored tattoo. If your tattoo is very dark and much larger, you will need to come back for more appointments to completely remove it. The doctor will ask you to wear goggles during the treatment to protect your eyes from the laser. When the process is finished, the doctor will prescribe a cream to rub over the area. This will help prevent infection, as well as make you feel less pain, and make the healing process go quicker.

If the surgeon determines the tattoo will be difficult to remove because of the colors used, they may inform you that the procedure will only fade the tattoo. You may have a scar when the skin is completely healed, but it will likely not be very noticeable.

Camouflage the Tattoo 

If you do not want to remove the tattoo surgically, you can camouflage it to make it less noticeable. There is make up available that is made specifically for this purpose. You can find it online or may be able to find it in makeup stores in your area. Of course, this is not a permanent solution but should last all day if applied properly.

There are many at home procedures you will find online to remove tattoos. You should not use these treatments, however. You could damage your skin permanently, and you would end up with a very noticeable scar.

For more information on tattoo removal, contact a doctor's office like Midwest Medical Specialists.