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Having Hip Replacement Surgery? 4 Steps To Get The Most Out Of Short-Term Rehab

by Stella Robinson

If you're going to have hip replacement surgery, you may be heading to a short-term rehab facility before going home. Checking into a short-term rehab facility after surgery will allow you to reduce the amount of time you have to spend in an acute care hospital. The short-term rehab facility will also allow you the opportunity to adjust to life after hip surgery. Here are four tips that will help you receive the maximum benefits from rehabilitation.

Be Your Biggest Advocate

While you're in rehab, it's important that you advocate for yourself. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask for answers. If you don't understand part of your treatment plan, don't be afraid to ask for clarification. In order for you to recover completely, you have to understand everything involved in the recovery process and treatment plan. Goal-setting is another vital part of your role as your own advocate. Let your rehab team know about goals you've set for yourself so that they can help you achieve them in a safe and productive manner.

Don't Hide the Pain

Recovering from hip surgery can be uncomfortable. This is particularly true as you stretch muscles and learn to move again. However, if you're experiencing severe pain, you should talk to your rehab team. It's also important that you notify your rehab team if the increased pain is accompanied by nausea or fever. These could be signs of a surgical site infection that will require medical attention.

Get Your Family Involved

When you head to the rehab center, you may want to recover on your own. However, your family can be a big part of your recovery. Allow your family to join in the recovery. They can give you the help and encouragement you'll need to speed up the recovery process and get you home again. One way to get your family involved in the recovery process is to have them sit down with your rehab team. Your team will be able to explain the treatment plan and provide your family with information about how they can help you throughout the recovery process. 

Follow the Treatment Plan

Once your rehab team has developed a recovery plan for you, it's important that you follow it. Failure to follow the treatment plan can increase the time you'll have to spend in short-term rehab. It can even prevent you from experiencing a complete recovery.

If you're going to be checking into a short-term rehab center after your hip surgery, you should take the time to do some advance preparation. The tips provided here will help you maximize the benefits you'll receive from your post-operative rehabilitation. Click here for additional info.