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Answers To Common Questions About Substance Abuse Programs

by Stella Robinson

Substance abuse can have the power to quickly destroy your career, relationships, and body. Unfortunately, some individuals will not seriously consider receiving professional treatment for this problem due to a lack of information about what they should expect. In order to help you better appreciate the role that substance abuse programs can play in your recovery, you might benefit from learning the following common questions and answers.

How Will You Pay For Your Substance Abuse Treatment?

A common reason for individuals to not seriously consider these programs is for fear of the costs that can be involved. However, you should be aware that many insurance policies do provide coverage for drug rehabilitation, but you will need to closely examine your policy to determine whether you have this coverage. Those that do not have this type of coverage may be able to taken advantage of payment plans to make this type of care affordable.

How Long Will Your Treatment Take?

It can be a common expectation for new patients to assume that the rehabilitation facility will be able to rapidly cure them of their addiction. While these facilities can provide very effective results, it is important to note that addiction is not a condition that can be cured, but you will learn the skills and self-discipline necessary to resist the temptation to give in to your urges. The exact amount of time that this will require can vary greatly from one patient to another. However, it is common for these facilities to provide several weeks or longer for inpatient care before referring individuals to outpatient programs. Your counselors will closely monitor your progress to determine when you can be recommended to an outpatient program near your home.

Can You Have Visitors While You Are At The Treatment Facility?

It can be a frequent cause for some individuals to avoid inpatient care because they do not want to be away from their families. However, these facilities will allow you to have visitors during the appropriate times. When you are admitted, your loved ones will usually be provided with information packets that clearly contain the visiting hours and policies.

Seeking professional help for a substance abuse problem can be one of the best decisions that you ever make. However, it can be difficult to make this commitment if you are not very informed about these treatment facilities. By being aware of the payment options that are available, that your treatment will occur in stages and that you can accept visitors, you will find you have more of the information needed to decide whether these facilities are right for your treatment needs.