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Stairlifts Can Help Teenagers Get The Privacy They Need After A Broken Leg

by Stella Robinson

Teenagers usually need a lot of privacy and typically get it by spending time in their bedroom. However, teenagers that have suffered from a broken leg may struggle to get this privacy if their bedroom is upstairs. Thankfully, a stairlift can help.

A Broken Leg Can Make It Hard For Teens

An athletic teen who plays multiple sports is more likely to suffer from a broken leg. This increase in risk is due to the fact that they are involved in rigorous activity that may challenge their body. As a result, they may end up being stuck with a broken leg and an inability to get around the house. Even worse, it may make it difficult for them to get to their bedroom.

When the teen was younger, this probably wouldn't have been a problem. Younger children are typically more open to spending time with their parents, such as sleeping in an open and shared area. However, teens are more likely to dislike this activity and prefer trying to struggle upstairs to their bedroom, no matter how impossible it is for them to handle.

Teens Need Privacy

As children get older, they require an increasing amount of privacy. The reasons for this are simple. They are getting more independent and are more likely to break away from their need to spend a lot of time with their parents. It doesn't mean they love their parents less but they need to be their own person.

As a result, a teenager with a broken leg may fight to get up to their bedroom on a broken leg and complicate its recovery. In these cases, it is a wise decision for a parent to invest in a temporary or even a permanent stairlift.

How A Stairlift Can Help

Stairlifts are typically considered a luxury that is only necessary for elderly people. Thankfully, this is not always the case. Teenagers who have a broken leg may enjoy a stairlift because it will help them get to their bedroom easily and without strain. The only major problem is the cost, which may be too high for some people to consider.

Thankfully, most insurance companies will cover this type of feature if the doctor declares it necessary. Even better, it is possible to just temporarily rent one of these lifts for a house. This option is perfect for parents who don't want a full-time stairlift after their teenager has recovered from their broken leg.

However, it might not be a bad idea to have a permanent stairlift installed for when the parents get older. In this way, they can also get up and down the stairs when it is too difficult for them later in life.