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Making A Store Safer For Customers

by Stella Robinson

Is your business financially recovering due to someone getting injured in the store and filing a lawsuit? Getting involved in too many lawsuits that don't turn out in your favor can be the downfall of your business. A great measure to consider taking is to make your store safer, including the exterior areas that you own.

You can also teach your employees a few safety skills to reduce the risk of losing substantial amounts of money in personal injury lawsuits. Use the list in this article as guidance for making your store safer for customers.

Require Mandatory First Aid Training

A great way to provide a sense of safety for your customers is to require all of your employees to undergo first aid training. Basically, such training can reduce the risk of a customer suffering a more severe injury than necessary and suing for a lot of money. The training course can teach your employees how to treat simple injuries in a timely manner to prevent them from becoming worse.

For instance, your employees will learn how to treat scrapes and cuts to prevent them from getting infected and possibly turning into something severe. Your employees will also be introduced to everything that is typically in a first aid kit, as well as how to perform CPR.

Get the Floors & Hardscapes Inspected for Damage

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common things that customers sue for in regards to store injuries. For instance, damaged flooring can lead to a customer tripping, falling, and suffering an injury that is worthy of a lawsuit. It is a good idea to get the floors inside of the business inspected for damage to ensure that no one will trip and suffer injuries that you are held liable for. You might also want to get the hardscapes on the exterior of the building inspected, such as the walkways. Hire professionals to make repairs as soon as possible if they are needed.

Make Use of Caution Signs When It Is Necessary

If a problem arises in your store that can possibly injure customers, it is important to execute the fullest extent of caution. Your customers must be warned about anything of concern, as it can keep you out of a lawsuit.

For example, if there is an accidental spill in your store that causes the floor to become slippery, ensure that the area is closed off and caution signs are put up. If someone knocks over a shelf and the products fall off and all over the place, it is another reason to put up caution signs. You don't want anyone to trip over the products and get injured.