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3 Ways Your Feminine Care Might Be Causing Problems

by Stella Robinson

Although there are many reasons for gynecological issues, such as discharge, unusual odors, or itching, sometimes the underlying problem is your feminine care. Sometimes the efforts to make your vaginal area cleaner can backfire and cause new issues.


There are many douches on the market and they often combine ingredients like water and vinegar. The belief is douches will help cleanse the vagina, but this is untrue and can actually contribute to problems. Flushing the vagina with a douche could alter your pH, making it easier for harmful microbes to flourish. Additionally, if you already have an infection, especially in the earlier stages when symptoms may not be obvious, you are only forcing the microbes further into the vagina. If you feel like douching is necessary, you should speak with your gynecologist. The vagina has a natural scent, but any strong odors should be addressed since they may be consistent with an infection or other problems.

Scented Feminine Hygiene Products

Some women choose scented feminine hygiene products because they are trying to mask odor associated with their menstrual period. Choosing the unscented varieties, especially for tampons, is always the best choice. When blood comes into contact with air, it will create an unpleasant smell, and there is no way to avoid this. Wearing scented products can often be counterproductive and make the odor worse. Unscented tampons or menstrual cups are often used by women since it prevents menstrual blood from coming into contact with air, thereby minimizing any odors. If you wear pads, changing them often, especially on your heaviest days, will keep the problem to a minimum.

Using Any Soap

Due to the sensitive nature of the vagina, it is imperative to use gentle, scent-free soaps. Avoid using the same soaps or body washes you would ordinarily use on the rest of your body. If you are showering, wash your vagina with a mild soap or cleansing wash before using another type of product on the rest of your body. Ideally, you will use a separate washcloth to wash your vaginal area or at least use the washcloth in this area first before moving to other areas. If you prefer to soak in the tub and use specialty bath bombs or bubble bath, be sure to rinse any residue off your vaginal area to minimize the chance of irritation.

Issues with vaginal irritation or some infections can be minimized by changing your feminine care products. Rely on gentle, scent-free products for all aspects of your feminine care routine, and always contact your doctor of gynecology with any problems you face.