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Often-Dismissed Signs You Need To Make An Appointment At The Vein Clinic

by Stella Robinson

Many people think of vein clinics as places people visit when they have large, bulging varicose veins. These clinics are often seen as cosmetic practices, where doctors restore patients' legs to a smoother, less-veiny look. However, varicose veins are just one vein problem that these clinics treat — and even varicose veins are not purely a cosmetic issue. If you're struggling with any of these often-overlooked problems, then you should really make an appointment at a vein clinic.

Itching Legs

Sometimes itchy legs occur just because you have dry skin. However, if applying lotion daily does not seem to make your itchiness go away, you should really make an appointment with a vein clinic. Itchy legs can be a symptom of varicose veins and also of other vein conditions that could be preventing fluids from making their way back into your venous system. Until you're able to get an appointment at the vein clinic, elevating your legs above the level of your heart of an hour or two a day may help ease the itchiness.

Swollen Ankles and Lower Legs

If your lower legs often seem swollen and fluid-filled, this is an indication that your veins are not doing their job well. They may not be effectively allowing fluid to drain from the tissues. This swelling can lead to tissue damage later on, so you really need to visit a vein clinic before it gets any worse. In the meantime, try wearing compression socks or stockings. The pressure these sock put on your lower legs helps keep fluid from pooling in these tissues.

Slow Wound Healing

When you get a scrape or some other type of injury on your leg or foot, how quickly does it heal? If it seems to take a long time to heal — longer than a similar injury would take to heal on a different spot of your body — this is a sign of potential vein problems. Your tissues need nutrients and oxygen to heal, and vein issues can reduce the amount of these substances your lower leg tissues receive. Elevating your legs, wearing compression socks, and even massaging your lower legs can help boost circulation until you're able to get more involved treatment.

Vein centers do more than just eliminate varicose veins. They also strip spider veins, repair damaged veins, and remove diseased veins from your body. Don't hesitate to make an appointment if you're dealing with any of the symptoms above.

Reach out to a vein clinic in your area for more information.