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A Guide To Getting Urgent Care Services

by Stella Robinson

The urgent care facility industry is experiencing some growth right now, with overall market value on track to surpass $38 billion in the coming years. Many people today have ongoing medical needs, such as refilling an allergy medication prescription or getting a flu shot every year. Perhaps you have a minor medical emergency in the later afternoon. These and other medical services can be done at your nearest urgent care practice. In this article, you will learn more about urgent care services so that you can get the medical service that you need.

What exactly is an urgent care clinic?

An urgent care facility is a clinic you can go to for quick service on a pressing medical need. This is often a better idea than going to the emergency room, particularly if your injuries aren't life-threatening. For instance, if you show up to an emergency room with a dislocated finger, you'll be waiting a while, since more serious patients take priority. However, an urgent care facility would be a great bet, and you'll get in and out without much wait time. These practices can also assist you with things like cuts that require a few stitches, dehydration, and allergic reactions.

Aside from minor emergencies, you can also go to urgent care for standard medical procedures. For instance, you might request a sexually transmitted disease (STD) blood screening, fill a prescription for back pain, or get a vaccination. You can often get quality service from an urgent care facility while getting inexpensive prices and speedy, thorough appointments.

How can I find an urgent care clinic?

If you're trying to find an urgent care facility in your area, find out what doctors they staff and who serves as the medical director. Find out how many patients they see on a regular basis and what wait time you should expect to observe. Make sure to also ask any questions about payment options and billing. If you have insurance, check with your policy to find out which urgent care facilities accept your plan.

Cost-effectiveness is one of the main reasons that people enjoy going to urgent care facilities. While an emergency visit will cost about $250 with an insurance co-pay, an urgent care visit will cost significantly less. You'll likely pay a small co-pay with your health insurance and can set up arrangements to pay cash or be billed later.

Start with these tips when you need help from an urgent care center.