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Why Being Aware And Cautious Of HIV Is Still So Important

by Stella Robinson

When HIV first burst into popular culture it was seen as a pandemic that could strike anywhere at any time and was almost always lethal. Now, with a lot more known about the condition, infection rates have slowed, but it has not completely been eradicated. Tens of thousands of American's are still diagnosed with the disease every year which is unfortunate when there are many ways to protect those around people who live with HIV. Here are a few reasons why it is still so important to be cautious of HIV and how you can still live your life around those with the disease. 

Hot Spots

While you might think HIV numbers are quite low and don't affect you, particularly when you have been bombarded with COVID-19 numbers for the last two years, the truth is that in certain areas HIV is far more prevalent than in others. In three calendar years, just 48 counties in America made up half of all new diagnoses of HIV, which is a massive rate when you consider there are over 3,000 total counties across the states. Always make sure to check your local counties to see whether it is one of the ones more at risk.

HIV Is Still INcurable

Even though so many live with the disease longer than they used to, HIV is incurable and many people who suffer from it have much more complicated medical issues as they age. From inflammation to pain, and getting far sicker from minor illnesses, HIV is not a walk in the park like you might assume given how far it has fallen from public consciousness. Even if you know someone with HIV and they seem fine most days, often they hide their pain so as not to feel awkward or out of the ordinary. While modern medicine is incredible, HIV is not something you want.

Better Prevention Options

Luckily, there is now not only better treatment once you have HIV, but also better prevention options. There are quite a few HIV prevention pills out there that can reduce transmission to less than 1%. Always talk to your doctor if you think you might benefit from taking these pills, especially if you live with someone who has HIV so they can help get you started on treatment right away. Once approved, it is only a couple of pills that you have to take daily and the odds of you catching HIV fall to minuscule levels, which is truly amazing given how contagious it used to be. 

For more information, contact a clinic in your area, such as CAN Community Health.