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Shoulder Pain Treatment Options To Consider

by Stella Robinson

Shoulder pain is fairly common, so you may experience it at some time. The pain is caused by a number of different things including an injury or a medical condition such as arthritis. The first step in treating the pain and getting relief is to see a doctor and get a diagnosis of your problem. Then, effective treatment can be recommended. Here are some shoulder pain treatments that might help.

Oral, Topical, Or Injected Medications

If your shoulder is so painful that you can't sleep at night or the pain affects your ability to work, your doctor might prescribe pain medications. The injections might help the pain by reducing inflammation or providing an anesthetic effect. You might be prescribed oral pain killers or instructed to try a topical ointment for pain relief.

Physical Therapy For Stretching And Strengthening 

Physical therapy is often helpful as a shoulder pain treatment. The therapist can show you how to adapt your posture and activities of daily living so you can keep up with your daily routine while having shoulder pain. They can also teach you stretches that keep your shoulder flexible and exercises that strengthen the muscles that support your shoulder.

Ice For Controlling Inflammation

Your doctor might want you to treat your pain at home using ice packs. You can apply ice packs off and on throughout the day to reduce inflammation caused by an injury to your shoulder. Ice reduces inflammation while heat might make it worse, so be sure to ask your doctor before using a heating pad to help your shoulder pain.

PRP Injections To Regenerate Tissue

Depending on the cause of your pain, your doctor might suggest trying platelet-rich plasma injections. The platelet-rich plasma is taken from your own blood during the same visit you get the PRP injection to your shoulder. The purpose of this shoulder pain treatment is to regenerate damaged tissues in your shoulder joint to speed healing.

Surgery To Repair Or Replace Your Joint

Certain shoulder problems may require surgery. In the case of arthritis, you could need a shoulder replacement to relieve your pain and regain the range of motion in your shoulder. You might also need shoulder surgery to remove damaged tissues so you can heal properly.

Shoulder surgery can sometimes be done as a minimally invasive procedure so you have a shorter recovery period and a lower risk of complications. Surgery is often left as a last resort when other forms of pain relief have failed. However, in the case of a sudden injury, your doctor may choose surgery as a first option.